How the Pandemic Has Impacted Women: Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms and Unemployed Women to Maximize Their Income

The pandemic has disproportionally impacted women and their ability to provide for their families. Many mothers have left the workplace to take care of children who were learning at home. Additionally, the pandemic has led to women losing more than $800 billion in earnings due to lost jobs, pay cuts, and time off. Here are some options for women earning income at home.

Selling Items

Stay-at-home moms and unemployed women can start earning income by selling items online or in their local region. One idea includes buying cheap used items, fixing or cleaning them up, and flipping them by selling at a higher price. Online sellers can also connect with an overseas manufacturer to sell new items.

Creating Web Content

Another way to earn money at home is to start creating web content by freelance writing or graphic design and illustrations. Moms can sharpen their writing or design skills by building their portfolios with simple jobs or by creating their own blog. When they have enough material to show off their talents, they can approach clients who need help with blogs and marketing content. And how much do illustrators make? At between $15 and $30 an hour, it’s definitely a very lucrative option!

Becoming an Influencer

People with a strong social media presence and lots of followers may want to consider being an influencer. Influencers can do well if they focus on a niche market, such as other stay-at-home moms. They can start curating their online content to help build an identity and create relationships with their followers. Then, they can begin approaching brands to promote on their social accounts. Successful influencers with at least 10,000 followers can make $40,000 or more per year.

Starting Your Own Business

Women can also take charge of their future by starting a business. Starting an LLC gives limited liability, tax benefits, less paperwork, and more flexibility. Each state has its own LLC regulations, so new business owners should check the requirements. A new business should also have an effective marketing plan to get big results. A well-designed logo is a must to stand out, build brand awareness and make a great impression. New entrepreneurs can use an online logo generator instead of paying for pricey design services. It’s easy to choose a style and icon, add text, edit fonts and adjust colors.

Pet Sitting

Moms who love pets can turn their enthusiasm into cash by starting their own pet sitting business. They can offer a daily walk service for pet owners around the neighborhood or host dogs in their homes for a daycare or boarding service.

Ride-Share Driving

Ride-share driving is another option for women who are out of work and have extra time in their schedules. For this type of job, women can use their own vehicles and have a flexible schedule. Drivers who work for ride-sharing companies must have a clean driving record and appropriate car insurance to cover their vehicles.

Grocery Shopping

Finally, another possible income idea to think about is grocery shopping and delivery. Because of the pandemic, more people are staying home and opting for grocery delivery. Busy moms can shop for online customers and deliver groceries as an easy way to make some extra money each month.

The pandemic has changed many women’s employment prospects. New responsibilities at home and company restructuring have forced lots of women to look for new ways to make money. These opportunities give women a way to add to their bank account each month.

Written by Guest Author

April 19, 2022

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