Your Guide to Landing (And Keeping) Your Dream Remote Job

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, countless people found themselves out of work, and if you were one of the many people who lost their jobs, you might be trying to figure what you could do to re-enter the workforce without going back to the office. Perhaps you want the flexibility that comes with a remote job, or maybe you simply don’t want to return to commuting in the future.

With counseling from Stacey Davidson at Virtual Job Search Coach, you can make headway in your remote job search. Plus, the below tips will help you optimize your resume for work-from-home positions, get ready for remote interviews, and ultimately get hired at your dream remote job!


Determine Your Target Positions

First, you’ll need to consider what kind of remote job you’re looking for. Today, plenty of jobs can be done entirely remotely. Whether you’re interested in being a project manager, digital marketer, or business analyst, you can find a company who is open to hiring remote employees for these roles.


Don’t Overlook a Startup

As you explore your options, don’t rule out the possibility of becoming your own boss. Thanks to the advent of online services like ZenBusiness, you can start a business quickly and affordably. They will walk you through the steps involved, ensure you’re lined up properly with government requirements, and even provide you with tools and support for things like building your website and creating a sound budget.


Update Your Resume

Before you start sending out your resume, make sure to give it a once-over. You may need to add your most recent position, update your contact information, or include notable achievements from your last job. You should also add any skills you’ve mastered that would serve you well in a remote job. Kissflow recommends including any skills that relate to collaboration, organizing or planning, and technical programs. This is also a good time to overhaul your LinkedIn profile in case recruiters or hiring managers decide to check it out.


Start Networking

When you’re looking for a remote job, it never hurts to do a little virtual networking! In order to network effectively, Randstad Risesmart recommends building relationships before directly asking people for help in your job search. And don’t hesitate to offer something in return to the people who give you a hand – networking is all about establishing mutually beneficial professional relationships!


Nail Your Interview

You might be nervous about going through with a remote interview. But if you practice your answers and give your technology a test-run ahead of time, you’ll feel more confident when it’s time to talk to the hiring manager. If you need any details clarified in advance, feel free to reach out to your designated point-of-contact. Be ready to explain why you want to work for this specific company, what you’ll bring to the job, and how your previous experience makes you a great fit for the role.


Shine in Your New Job

Congratulations – you got the job! Now, how can you make sure that you reach your full potential in this new role, even if you never set foot in an office? You’ll need to stay on top of communication, so make sure to respond to all messages promptly. If your manager offers you the opportunity to work on a new project or take on new responsibilities, say yes and demonstrate your eagerness to grow and improve! Finally, learning new technical skills and software programs can help you achieve more as a remote worker.

If you’ve never held a remote position before, looking for a job that allows you to work from home might seem confusing. But with a little preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle the remote job hunt. By following these tips, you’ll be penciling remote interviews into your planner in no time!

Have you been sending out your resume with no luck? Working with career coach Stacey Davidson through Virtual Job Search Coach can help you succeed on your job hunt! Schedule a free consultation call today to get started.

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August 29, 2021

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