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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Career, Job or Employer, But  Aren’t Sure Where to Start?

By working with a Career Coach, we can help you gain clarity, eliminate frustration, and make your job change or career transition faster, easier and more successful by providing you with effective marketing tools and empowering you with the correct knowledge and strategies to navigate today’s competitive job market.

We can help reduce your anxiety and build your confidence to put your best foot forward in interviews and shine above your competition.

We mentor you through the entire process, whether that is helping you determine a new viable career path and developing a personalized transition plan, or coaching you to pursue and land your dream job. Our coaching plan is customized to suit your unique situation, needs, goals and objectives.

How Do I Know If I Need Coaching?

You can benefit from Coaching if you answer “Yes” to any of the following:

Job Search/Career Issues

Are you unsure how to start looking for a job in this day and age?

Are you unhappy in your current job or want a career change but don’t know what else you would be good at, or what options you should consider?

Would you like to level-up in your career or apply for a promotion?

Have you been passed over for promotions?

Do you want to improve your chances of landing your next job faster?

Do you want to learn how to build a network or improve your networking skills?

Are you new to the country/area and not sure how to look for work?

Do you struggle with clearly knowing what your values are, what your potential is, what your natural aptitudes and interests are, what your greatest strengths are and how they can impact your career?

Has it been several years since you have had to look for a job or attend an interview?

Would you like a clear plan of action for your job search or career transition that is designed based on your personal situation?

Resume Issues

Have you been sending out resumes to jobs and not getting called for interviews?

Are you unsure how to showcase your strengths that will appeal to an employer?

Is your resume more than 5 years old?

Do you want to be able to confidently articulate to employers what you offer?

Interview Challenges

Have you been attending interviews and not getting the offer?

Would you like to outshine your competition at your next interview.

Do you want to hone your interview skills and negotiate for the best offer?

Are you nervous about or intimidated by attending interviews?

Do you struggle with shyness or talking confidently about yourself?

Are you unsure what questions you should ask in your interview?

Are you confused by all the mixed information, do’s and don’ts of resume writing, job search, and how to approach interview questions?

What Type of Coaching is Right For Me?


Career Coaching

When you are unhappy in your job, feeling unchallenged in your line of work, you are frustrated by being passed over for promotions, you are just starting out or you know you want to do something different in your career future but just aren’t sure what… Career Coaching can help. Through assessments and our expertise, we can determine your strengths, aptitudes, interests and transferable skills, and identify practical career options for you to research as well as teach you how to carry out investigative interviews to provide clarity and assurance in your decision making. Our Career Coaching will assist you with defining a clear path of direction, determine required retraining or skills upgrades, help you set goals and create a personalized action plan to achieve your career target.

Job Search Coaching

The methods for ensuring a fast and successful job search are very different today than they were a decade ago and even 5 years ago. Technologies (cell phones, texting, video messaging, online testing and interviews, ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) Systems) have changed the way we do business, the way we communicate and not only the way employers recruit candidates but also the way job seekers look for work. Having a clear plan and knowing the right strategies to find and land your next job effectively are imperative. There are a myriad of techniques and tactics that work depending on your target position and industry, geographic location, and whether you are transitioning into a new career or sector. You need exceptional marketing tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile) and know how to stand out from the crowd, how to market your value and potential to generate interview calls, how to network, connect with hiring managers and recruiters, and how to tap into the Hidden Job Market. As a Career/Job Search Coach, we can’t play the game for you but we can teach you the rules, how to improve your skills and play the game to win! Through Job Search Coaching, we’ll work with you to identify your personal job search pitfalls and give you strategies to overcome them, and we will design a customized action plan based on your unique situation. We will develop outstanding marketing documents that showcase your relevant skills and accomplishments, and most effectively get the hiring manager’s attention.

Interview Coaching

There is no worse feeling then being told you weren’t the chosen candidate, or you were stumped by behavioural based interview questions that left you saying “um, ah…” too many times or not having an appropriate answer. Worse yet leaving your interview feeling like you ‘blew it’. Sailing through your interview with confidence and answering questions with powerful, well articulated examples is 75% about preparation and 25% in the execution. Through interview coaching, together we will identify impressive and relevant examples from your employment history, we’ll teach you how to clearly and effectively articulate your experience, strengths and potential value to score maximum points. We will also arm you with excellent questions to ask in your interviews to uncover company culture, determine position suitability and ensure this is the right job/employer fit for you. And lastly, we will teach you how to successfully close, follow-up and negotiate offers for the compensation package you desire.

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