Outplacement Services



Whether restructuring, downsizing or transforming an organization, change can have positive and negative impacts on exiting employees, the remaining workforce and the company. Sometimes situations occur that cause an employer to have to make the difficult decision to terminate an employee whether due to just cause or not.

Job loss whether through layoff or justified termination can be devastating for many individuals. It can conjure up a variety of feelings such as shock, panic, anger, fear, worthlessness, resentment, worry and stress which can lead to a negative impact on their confidence, self-worth and cause anxiety which can impact mental health.

Dejected laid off employee.

Offering An Outplacement Program:

maintains corporate integrity and protects reputation

presents a positive company culture and sustains morale

reduces anxiety and provides a smoother, more optimistic transition for displaced employees

empowers employees with the tools and strategies they will need to move forward quickly, positively and successfully in today’s competitive job market

reduces risk of litigation in difficult termination situations

alleviates employer/supervisor culpability and provides reassurance that the situation was handled with respect, thoughtfulness and care

gives terminated employees a sounding board to vent at rather than colleagues, clients and friends

helps displaced employees maintain or rediscover their self-worth, raise or regain their confidence and gives them a positive outlook moving forward

provides employees with professional advice to set them up with an effective transition plan and strategies to accelerate their job search

How our Outplacement Services Work

Through the power of technology (phone, email and video Skype), Virtual Job Search Coach has been working with job seekers worldwide since 2008 so regardless of where your employee is located, and what time zone they are in, we are able to provide them with personalized support.

Every individual’s needs are different so we tailor our services to suit the employee’s specific requirements within the employer’s given budget.

Starting as low as $1000 up to $5000, we will customize a package to include any, all, or portions of the following based on the individual’s most critical areas of need:

  • counselling employees on job loss adjustment and coming to terms with change and transition to next job
  • conducting various career and skills assessments, personality & interests evaluations, including analysis & report summaries
  • customized labour market evaluation
  • development of a personalized action plan including setting goals and objectives
  • professional resume and cover letter(s)
  • LinkedIn profile development & optimization as well as LinkedIn utilization training session
  • career development or transition coaching
  • customized job search and networking strategies
  • guidance on obtaining references
  • interview preparation and coaching (traditional, behaviour and competency based styles)
  • mock interviews
  • follow-up/follow-through support until the individual has secured their next job


As of July 2019 the average length of time to find a new job in Canada is 4 to 9 months and 5 months in the USA. This is impacted by a number of variables (age, location, re-employability, skills, personality, industry, position target, and how motivated and proactive the individual is). In comparison the majority of Virtual Job Search Coach clients are re-employed within 6 to 12 weeks on average.

Our results are individuals who:
• feel supported, positive, and confident in moving forward
• become job seekers empowered and prepared to seek new employment
• know their potential career options and determine which ones to pursue
• have identified employment targets and how to approach them
• remain focused, goal-oriented and productive in their job search
• appreciate their current employer’s support, sense of value and respect

Having held an almost 100% client success rate with over 1100 job seekers since 2018, we truly care about the success of every individual we work with. Our core objective is to see every client successful in finding re-employment!

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